Instagram Finally On Android

Good news for all android users out there! The world famous social instagram on androidphoto sharing application, Instagram has finally opened their doors for Android fans.

A few weeks ago, Instagram has launched a landing page where Android users can sign-up early for its release and be notified for the official roll out. Having roughly 300,000 early sign ups from thrilled android users, Instagram have doubled up their time and got their app on Google Play on Tuesday, April 3, 2011.

Instagram already boasts nearly 30 million registered iPhone users – and now with an Android portal, the figures are expected to triple up this year.

What is Instagram?

For those haven’t known this app, Instagram is a photo sharing application that turns simple snapshots into a beautiful vintage looking photo using a set of photo processing filters: vignette, cross process, etc.

Users can automatically share their photos on a number of Social Networks: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Foursquare.

What took them so long?

Instagram has been up for 1 year and half but the service has been only made available for iOS. The number question for many Android fans: Why has instagram taken so long to release an Android version? Most people believed Apple has their hands on Instagram and are trying to seclude the Android market, but the truth is:  first of all, Instagram is not owned by Apple. Second of all, Instagram’s development team is only composed of a few individuals and apparently, they have known the Apple platform very well before Android. Basically, the team has to learn the new Android platform and it simply takes time. This is the main reason why it took about a year for them to roll out an Android version of Instagram.

Sample Instagram Photo from an Android Phone:

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