5 Common Mistakes When Setting Up A Google+ Account

Increasing number of individuals all over the world is continually creating their Google+ accounts and is learning more about the newest social media platform. Success can be gained faster using Google+ if you do not make mistakes when getting started on trying to build an audience.

If you want to build a network and connect with more people in the Internet using Google+, try to avoid this five (5) common mistakes, as follows:

  • Bio does not match public posts – check out public posts that you have shared, sometimes public posts does not match your bio causing people not to add you to their circle of friends. One good example of this is when you try to post topics about food when your Google+ bio is all about high – tech innovations. If someone visits your page and sees that your post does not match with your interest in your bio, then people might conclude that you and your posts are irrelevant.
  • Low quality of profile picture or worse… not at all – clearly choose the image you want to place unto your Google+ profile page. Make sure that the image clearly shows your face and let other people know who you are. Not doing this would cause people not to be inclined with you. Social media means socializing with other through the use of technology, therefore, do not be afraid or shy to place your picture in there.
  • No photos have been shared – to greatly enhance your Google+ profile, you need to upload and share photos into your photo album, sharing posts with photos attached will also add enhancement to your Google+ posts. Take advantage of this Google+ feature in order to engage with other people through various formats.
  • Google+ Profile page not properly filled – up – one of the most important thing to remember is fill – up your Google+ profile, because not filling it up properly or completely would make people think that you are not worth adding to their circles. People would ask “Why should I add this people when they have not given me indication of who they are?” Therefore, give people an indication of who you are, through this, your connections would increase.
  • Unclear on answering what drives you question – people would not probably add you to their circles when the only information you have placed in your Google+ account is the job title and the company. Also do not forget to care on filling – up of what you care, hobbies, sports, etc. that you are interested and make it clearer to people.

These five (5) common mistakes encountered with Google+ accounts, makes people unsuccessful in making people add them to their circles. The above information might be useful for you to avoid making mistakes when using Google+ accounts. Read this article and clearly understand the information written.


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